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Internet Service Providers


The Internet Service Provider (ISP) Policy was announced in November 1998. The Licensee shall be bound by the terms and conditions of the License Agreement as well as by such orders/directions/regulations of the TRAI Act, 1997 as amended from time to time and instructions as are issued by the Licensor/TRAI.

List of Internet Service Providers including Internet Telephony for H.P. Telecom Circle is as under:


Internet Service Provider



M/s Conjoinix Technologies Pvt.Limited

ISP with telephony-C ( Chandigarh, Patiala SSA)


M/s Conjoinix Technologies Pvt.Limited.

ISP with telephony-C ( Jammu, SSA)


M/s Bridge View Broadband Network Pvt. Ltd



M/s Ziptel IT Solutions Pvt.Ltd.

ISP-C ( Solan SSA)


M/s Ziptel IT Solutions Pvt.Ltd.

ISP-C (Chandigarh SSA)


M/s Ziptel IT Solutions Pvt.Ltd.

ISP-C ( Ambala SSA)


M/s Dhauladhar Broadband Pvt.Ltd.

ISP-C( Solan SSA)


M/s Airwaves Internet Pvt.Ltd.

ISP-C (SolanSSA)


M/s Singh Internet Services Pvt Ltd



M/s Development Logics Pvt Ltd.

ISP-C (Kangra, HMR SSA)


M/s R.P. World Telecom Pvt. Ltd.

ISP-C (Solan, HMR SSA)


M/s Nitya Internet Pvt Ltd.

ISP-C (HMR, Solan, Mandi, Kangra SSA)

Assessment and Collection of License Fee in respect of ISPs:

The work relating to assessment and collection of License Fee in respect of ISPs was decentralized CCA, Offices vide DoT Headquarter OM No. 1-6(2001)/LF (Vol.II) dated 24-09-2008, effective from financial year 2008-09. Consequent upon amendment with respect to license agreement, a uniform License Fee at the rate of 8% of AGR is payable by the all ISP and ISP-IT Licensee for the year 2013-14 onwards.

Following documents are required to be submitted by all ISP and ISP-IT Licensee for Assessment of License Fee payable for any particular year.

  1. Audited Revenue and License Fee statements (AGR Statements) for each quarter separately for the said year.
  2. Audited Reconciliation Statement reconciling the difference of Revenue between the figure of Gross Revenue depicted in the P&L account and Audited statement of Revenue and license Fee for the said year.
  3. Audited profit and Loss Account and audited Balance sheets along with schedule for the said year.
  4. Annual Report of the company for the said year.
  5. Details of LF paid for each quarter during the said year.
  6. Details of service tax, sales tax billed, collected and paid to the Government.

Adjusted Gross Revenue:

The Gross Revenue shall be inclusive of Internet access service, internet content service, Telephony Service, Installation charges,late Fees, Sale proceeds of terminal equipments, revenue on account of interest, dividend, value added services, supplimentry services, revenue from permissible sharing of inferstructure and any other miscellaneous revenue, without any set-off for related items of expense, etc.


(b) For the purpose of arriving at the "Adjusted Gross Revenue (AGR), following shall be excluded from the Gross Revenue to arrive at the AGR.

  1. Charges from Internet access, Internet content and internet access related installation charges.
  2. Service tax on provision of service and sales tax actually paid to the Government if gross revenue had included as component of sales tax and service tax.





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